John Dopson Pitching Instruction -- Maryland
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Major League Career

Major League Baseball Career


John Dopson was drafted from high school by the Montreal Expos as the first selection in the 2nd round of the 1982 Major League Baseball draft.  Dopson worked through the Expos organization and got his first Major League start on September 4th, 1985.
His first Major League win came in 1988 when he shut out Orel Hershiser and the Dodgers.  In 1988, Dopson pitched to an overall ERA of 3.04 in 26 games and 168 innings pitched with the Expos.


In December 1988, Dopson was traded to the Boston Red Sox with Luis Rivera for Spike Owen and Dan Gakeler. 
In 1989, Dopson pitched to a 12 win - 8 loss record with an overall ERA of 3.99.  Dopson pitched primarily out of the third spot in the starting rotation with teammates Roger Clemens, Mike Boddicker and Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd.  Dopson went through elbow surgery and was limited to 4 games pitched in 1990, the year in which the Red Sox won the AL East Division title.  Dopson returned to the starting lineup in 1992. 
On April 19, 1993, Dopson pitched his first career MLB complete game shutout against the Chicago White Sox on Patriots Day in Fenway Park, a day he considers to be the highlight of his time with the Red Sox. 
Dopson played a total of five seasons with the Boston Red Sox and in October of 1993, Dopson was granted free agency and signed with the California Angels.  In the 1994 season, Dopson pitched 21 games for the Angels.
Dopson completed his Major League Career with an average ERA of 4.27 over 144 games pitched.


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