John Dopson Pitching Instruction -- Maryland
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Indoor Facility

Facility Overview

This facility concentrates on individual pitching and hitting instruction.  We have performed instruction at different venues in the past and have witnessed the distraction created by multiple activities occurring in the same facility as a student's lesson.  Our facility was designed for and caters to the individual. 
The facility includes the following: 
  • Pitching Lane with 25 foot ceiling
  • Indoor Framed Batting Cage with sock screen, L-Screen and Batting Tees
  • Stalker Radar Gun with Display Board (Used by 95% of MLB Baseball Teams, TV and Radio)
    • This is important as this is the gun College and Pro scouts will use to assess your pitch speed.  You will be advantaged if you're able to practice using the same tools they will use to measure you
  • Frame by Frame Video Analysis is captured and transfered to a laptop computer for review during the lesson
  • Waiting area for Parents, which is placed by John, so the parents can participate and listen to the instruction.

**This is a no spike facility.  Instruction is performed with rubber soled shoes.



Pitching Lane

Radar with Display Board

Video Analysis
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Batting Cage

Waiting Area

John Dopson Pitching Instruction
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